Various Uses of Gravels

Gravels are also known as chips. The stones are available in both natural and tumbled forms, and they come in a variety of colors, such as white, black, green, Burgundy, and yellow. Commonly found in construction sites, gravels are used in the production of cement and concrete. Gravels are widely used in industries for decoration, manufacturing of different products. They are frequently used in Zen gardens and garden decor. Let’s take a look at the uses of gravels.

Uses of Gravels

1. Walkways
Gravel that are smaller or finer will be softer underfoot, which is particularly relevant if you are planning for a walk barefoot. It’s best to pick gravel that has a smooth texture, too, since rounded edges won’t hurt your foot as much as sharp one’s do.
2. Driveways
Paved roads use gravel and stone aggregate as a foundation for asphalt. Similarly, a driveway can use aggregate as a foundation or you can use gravel alone to create an excellent and cost-effective driveway.
3. Erosion Control
Gravel should be used to shore up areas at risk of soil erosion. You can also place gravel around house drain pipes to prevent soil erosion in these areas.
4. Drainage
As aggregate materials, gravel and stone are commonly used for drainage areas on roads and in professional construction projects, these materials can also ensure reliable drainage in your backyard.
5. Landscaping
Gravel can be an affordable solution for landscaping. It allows weeds and grass to grow in your flower beds. Gravels are a great option for landscaping.
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