Different Uses of Natural Pebbles

Indian Natural pebbles are perfectly suitable for a wide range of uses in construction. These stones are chosen for their beauty and durability. Typically sold 1kg to 100kg bags, pebbles are available in several different colors and types. Stone Stories offer multiple size options, pebbles starts from half inch and so on. We offer you all of the details you’ll need to calculate your overall requirements. There are numerous uses of natural pebbles.

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7 Uses of Natural Pebbles

1) Pathway

Using pebbles for walkways or pathways is a great way to fill in space and create a natural path. Make the walkway or pathway stand out by choosing a pebble that complements the steppers.

2) Drainage

A pebble can be built up with pebbles of different sizes. Water will be directed to a safe drainage path on your property without any significant changes in elevation.

3) Tree base

If you have a tree in your yard or garden, you can surround the tree with large rocks, and then fill the space up to the tree trunk with pebbles.

4) Garden mulch

You can use pebbles as mulch in your garden beds to repel weeds, sunlight, and erosion.

5) Aquascaping

An underwater landscape can be created using pebbles in different colors to demarcate different spaces or to highlight certain plants or features.

6) Pot plants

Decorative Pebbles are perfect for the finishing touch for pots and jars.

7) Outdoor living space

Creating an outdoor living space with pebbles can be done by laying them out over a ground cover and matching them with benches and tables.

We deliver pebbles not only in India but also in foreign countries. You can choose the high-quality pebbles from Stone Stories.

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