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Stonestories Snow white Flat Pebble Mosaic Tile for Wall Cladding and Flooring – set of 4 – 30 cm x 30 cm Interlocking tiles



Our Natural Pebble Tiles are made out of hand selected, premium grade tumbled pebbles. Each pebble is chosen for its flatness, symmetry and color consistency. The pebbles are mounted on a pliable mesh backing using non-toxic, environmentally safe epoxy. When installed using our interlocking system, they produce a designer finish with no detectable pattern. Pebble tile or pebble stone tile is one of the natural materials that will bring the earthy look of nature to your indoors. Today, pebble tiles are part of modern interior design trends. This tile is one of the most prominent selections for the restroom, garden walls, patios as well as shower flooring. We have chosen the finest, most distinct all-natural pebble stone collection offering in the world as well as assemble them below for our clients to blend as well as match with our various other all-natural rock items. Pebble tiles can be a good choice as a kitchen backsplash or wall tile. They are easy to install and easy to maintain. Pebble is a very strong natural stone. It is hard to mount pebbles when compared to ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles. Making use of pebble floor tiles is not limited to your bathroom or restroom. They are outstanding for entrance halls and kitchen applications.

  1. Tiles made from pebbles are easy to install. They are a wonderful choice for a shower or tub border.
  2. Pebble shower tile is modern, yet all-natural, and can develop an indoor or outside oasis.
  3. The tile is easy to maintain and also with correct treatment will last for many years.
  4. Most pebbles have textures on them. These textures are mostly veins.
  5. Most of the pebbles have a smooth surface. None of the pebbles are the same.
  6. You can use them either as a complementary material or standalone tile.
  7. They are not like human-made ceramic or porcelain tiles. because of that, your tiles will absolutely have a unique look.
  8. Pebble mosaic tile is a natural floor covering a mosaic that is friendly and also lovely to the atmosphere.
  9. They have a non-slippery surface. They are comfortable on the feet with a unique, beautiful finish.
  10. There will be 4 Interlocking tiles in one box packed safely to reach your destination.
  11.  For Bulk Quantity get in touch with us on or whatsapp us on 9414046324.

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