Using Rocks in Your Landscape

Natural stone is one of the most adaptable landscape elements available. Rock landscaping adds texture and contrast while also providing a durable groundcover that requires little or no maintenance. Adding a rock garden to your yard is a unique way to add depth and dimension to a flat or monotonous space, as well as a sense of surprise. The rugged appearance of rock adds earthy appeal to a manmade landscape, connecting it to the natural world.

The benefits of Landscaping with rocks

  • Incorporating rocks into your landscape is a long-term investment that yields attractive, low-maintenance results.


  • Walls, water features, and rock gardens are just a few of the interesting elements that can be added to a lawn or garden with rocks.


  • They can also be used as a long-lasting alternative to mulch that does not require replacement year after year.


  • A rock garden can give a flat area height and depth. Enhance the natural appearance with a waterfall or other water feature.

Consider the tone you want your landscape to set when selecting rocks for your landscape. Small pebbles or river rocks provide warmth, while white marble chips brighten shady areas.

Rocks can be used to define a slope, replace a lawn, or provide a solution to an area where little will grow. Different areas of the yard, such as walkways and beds, can be defined or separated with a visually appealing arrangement of rocks, pebbles, or gravel. A rock garden can be as complex as a large-scale project with many aspects and layers, or as simple as a small corner adorned with gravel and river stones. Even a container can be transformed into a miniature rock landscape.


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