Upgrade Your Space with Decorative Stones

Natural stone is an excellent way to add value to your home. While a nice, green lawn is attractive, nothing beats natural stone accents for making a yard stand out. Here are some of the best natural stone upgrades for outdoor living spaces, ranging from beautiful patios and walkways to garden beds and water features.


  1. Surrounds for outdoor kitchens


Outdoor kitchens are an excellent way to cook, entertain guests, and enjoy the weather all at the same time. Build a beautiful outdoor kitchen surrounded with stone veneer; it looks great outside and provides a durable, low-maintenance surface for your outdoor kitchen.


  1. Natural Stone Patios


Natural stone reigns supreme when it comes to patios. There are numerous options available, including flagstone, slate tile, and cobbles. Natural stone patio hardscapes are both beautiful and low-maintenance.


  1. Stone Walls


Natural stone retaining walls are an excellent way to highlight gardens or landscape stone beds. Using stone capping on your retaining wall to add a touch of elegance; can also serve as extra seating for guests.


  1. Stone Pathways


A well-kept yard and a lovely garden are nice, but they’re even better when they’re surrounded by stunning natural stone walkways. Stone walkways can also be used to connect different parts of your outdoor living space, keeping your grass clean.


  1. Garden Beds


Garden beds are one of the most popular natural stone applications, and for good reason. Natural stone perfectly complements a garden’s dark, earthy tones and bright colors. Dry stack wall stone has a natural look while supporting the edges of your garden and comes in a variety of stone types and colors.

Natural Stones from Stone stories will create luxurious and exotic designs out of natural stone in a variety of materiality and tones. Natural stones are available in a range of subtle browns, pale greys, and mellow crèmes that highlight the textural diversity of the earthen ground.

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