Unique gift items for Diwali 2021

Every festival or special event leaves us puzzled as to what to give to our loved ones. What store do we need to go to in order to purchase it? Should we order it online or make it by hand? If we want to order something online, where should we go to find the best deal?  If you are also having these thoughts then you have come at the right place.  We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Diwali presents that will leave your loved ones speechless.

1. Marble idol

The Lord Ganesha Idol by stone Stories is craved with White Indian Marble Stone, shows the grace and greatness of lord. This Idol is best suited to place it in home or office temple or to be given as gift on auspicious occasion of Diwali. This Marble Stone is pure and does not contain impurity of any kind. It is best suited as a gift for this Diwali.

Ganesha murti brings in good fortune and positive vibes to the surroundings wherever they are placed.

2. Gifting stones

Stonestories gifting stones are a perfect gift for this Diwali. It is a Perfect decor piece for Office table, home tables, Reception, Hotels, Restaurants and for Schools. Classy and unique, its ideal for holding down all loose paperwork on your desk.

It is Protected with a high-performance sealant, making it well protected against roughness. scratching and staining. Handcrafted In Natural Stone they become a very thoughtful gift too for friends and family. This product has been made by hand and may have slight colour or design irregularities that are natural outcomes of the human involvement in the process.

3. Business card holders

Create a statement for their desk by gifting this special business card holder by Stone Stories. Your card deserves the sophistication and elegance provided by the natural stone. Give your business card what it deserves, a card holder cut from a solid piece of marble and hand designed by our artists.

This Business Card Holder is made from Black Beauty marble rock. The top and sides have a polished finish. The bottom has a flat base to be steady on your desk.

The card holder holds approximately 10-15 cards depending on the thickness of your card stock. Save this beautiful piece of stone from the landfill!

4. Decorative plates

One of a kind handmade decorative marble plates with hand chiselled rock stand to gift your precious one. It can be used as a Center piece for your coffee table, living room table, office desk, bedroom side table or your console tables.

Each piece is unique to the other and you will not find same pieces. For instructions wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth. The Package includes decorative marble plate with handmade rock stand.

5. Coasters

Coasters are one of the trending pieces that can be gifted this festival. These can be used for home parties , cocktail parties ad so on. It Won’t be damaged by water or sun exposure.

The Pack Contains Set of 4 Decorative Coasters: these simple yet stylish coasters are a perfect choice for uplifting the look of dining space. These coasters can be used in home bar, dining table or kitchen. It is Easy to Clean: having been carved out of stone to have a smooth surface, any stain on these coasters can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth. A thorough wipe will give a squeaky clean surface.

Marble is one of the most Beautiful and Natural Material. In current times when health, hygeine and safety are our foremost priorities, It is proved that No Virus and Bacteria can sustain on Natural Material Marble.

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