Tips for Choosing a Garden Landscape

                           Tips for Choosing a Garden Landscape

Any patio or yard that needs a facelift will benefit greatly from landscaping stones. They require virtually no upkeep, are fireproof, and may even help deter weed growth. But before you start using rocks in your landscaping, there are a few things you should think about. There are tonnes of different types of landscape rocks, some bigger than others. Before you dive into your project, make sure you’ve got the lay of the land so you know what you’re working with. Check out the best advice for making the most of your new landscaping stones before you begin your project.


Small Landscape Stones: There are two crucial factors to keep in mind no matter which little landscape rocks you select. To keep the rocks in place, start by using excellent edging stones. The second is to think about their purpose; choose a smooth type if you intend to stroll on the tiny rocks with bare feet. The small landscape stones include Pea Gravels, Lava Rocks, River Rocks, and many more.

Big Stones: Big stones like boulders, steppers, cobblestones, and flagstones can be used to pave a walkway or can be used in a fountain, or patio area. They can be found as both natural and manufactured stones in a variety of colors and sizes.


Creating shape with the use of stones

One of the finest advantages to use landscape stones in your yard is that they allow you to build areas and shapes that don’t actually exist. What we mean is this. You can plan your stone pattern such that it points in the direction you want to draw attention to in your yard. By guiding your pattern toward regions that you enjoy, you can also deflect attention from those parts.

Depending on your demands, you can also use your stones to create the impression that your space is larger or cozier. Smaller stones and cobblestone can give your home a comfortable, old-world atmosphere, while larger stones can make it feel more modern and open.

  1. A Water Feature

You can include a water feature in your landscape in a huge variety of ways. You may create a miniature waterfall that serves as the focal point of your yard. The sounds and spirit of nature can be brought directly into your garden if you dig out a small river that flows through it. Additionally, koi ponds are usually a wonderful addition to a yard. Just be sure to do your research on maintenance before choosing this water feature.



  1. The New Landscape Stones

Are you prepared to begin your project now that you’ve read up on some crucial advice and suggestions for using landscaping stones in your patio or yard? If so, Stone Stories can assist. We are experts in all facets of landscaping stones, even the early stages of design. You’ll be on your way to magnificent new landscaping quickly with our assistance in taking your project from conception to completion.

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