Office Pebbles in Jaipur

Wonder what is missing in your office ?? Do you also feel that your office looks incomplete?

That missing part is Pebbles!

At Ajmera Marble Industries we manufacture and process Stone Pebbles for Office and supply in Jaipur and all over the country.These pebbles are even exported to countries like Japan, UK, UAE and USA.They are unquestionably the most beautiful tiny stones, primarily utilized for exterior and garden landscaping and interior décor as well. Pebbles are becoming increasingly popular for interior decoration in current times.Stones of all sizes, from small pebbles to huge rocks, may give your office a whole different aspect and feel. It also changes the atmosphere and mood. The soothing colours of the stones, as well as their smooth rounded looks, give the workspace a natural air and aura.

They come in a variety of colours, including white marble pebbles, black granite pebblesand sandstone pebbles. Colours such as green, red, and blue are now readily available and reasonably priced.

Now let’s look at the best from the collection that will suite your office,

Stone Stories Jade Black :

Jade Black Pebbles are tumbled and polished pebbles made out of natural stones that can add extra beauty to your office and fill the emptiness. That Sheer black elegance has a distinctive character of its own and can be used comfortably for

office interior. They can be  placed in bowls or can be used as vase fillers, ornament office aquariums and can be experimented with DIY crafts.

Be it any Place, they will yield the best results.

Available in kg :0.9kg, 4.5kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg

Sizes :XS, S, M

Stone Stories Crystal White :

Crystal white Pebbles are Premium quality Natural Stone Pebbles that looks beautiful in both dry and wet form.


They can be used for office décor as well as for Aquariums, Pathways, Patios and landscaping of gardens. It is perfect for floral arrangements, vases, bowls, display cannisters, pillar candle in hurricane glass, cactus, terrarium, bamboo plants, aquariums, rock gardens, potted plants and much more.

These Pebbles come in beautiful natural texture. They add a lot of Elegance and style to your work environment.


  • It is recommended to wash these shining beauties in Fresh Water then use it.
  • Area Coverage/sqm- XS : 40 kg S : 55 kg M : 80 kg L : 100 kg 

Stone Stories Gravel :

These coloured gravels are made from Natural Stones and Coloured with Eco-Friendly pigments that are 100% safe. These small beauties adds an extra essence to the workplace.We understand that you need colours around you. Keeping the same in mind we deal into Multi-coloured gravels too. We sell them in 6 different colours named Cherry Red, lemon yellow, Magenta pink, Pickle green, royal purple and Turkish Blue.

Available in Kg: 0.9kg, 4.5kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg

Stone Stories Bright Blue Onyx Gemstone Pebbles

With their rich textures, brilliant hues, and dazzling shine, these polished gemstone pebbles may be utilized to create a one-of-a-kind ornamental accent. These are high-quality polished gemstone pebbles that is used for Indoor as well as outdoors. It can be used in vases and as a decorative item in the office. When they are used, they will lend a touch of nobility and refinement.

Available in Kg: 0.9kg, 4.5kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg

So which one are you opting for your workspace makeover?? Whichever you choose, make sure it suites your personality and fulfils the demands of the space. Choose the one that will make you feel fresh every morning and add that special zeal to your office and spaces.

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