Marble Manufacturer & Supplier in India

                                 Marble Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Committed to providing a diverse range of unique and exclusive natural stones, facilitating the ideal material selection. Ever since its inception, it has been the only company in the world to supply more than 150 million square feet of marble supplying. Stone Stories is also the world’s largest supplier of natural and exotic marble, as well as other stones such as onyx, and limestone sourced from the world’s finest quarries.


Major types of the Marble manufacturing process:

  1. Mining

Marble is mined from both open quarries on the earth’s surface and underground quarries. The extraction methods and sizes of the resulting marble blocks are determined by the quarries themselves. Depending on the shape of the area, the cutting process can be done vertically or horizontally. The extracted blocks are categorized based on their size, color, and cleanliness.



  1. Cutting:

The marble blocks are cut into slabs using various methods depending on their size and weight. Other factors that influence the cutting process include the type of marble, its quality, and the intended use of the marble.




  1. Polishing

To increase its resistance, marble is strengthened and processed. The surface is then polished and honed to create a smooth, glossy finish, and all cut marks are removed.



  1. Storage

Marble slabs are ready for packing and shipping after they have been formed and polished. It can be packed in wooden bundles and shipped in containers later.





Stone Stories is India’s authority on natural stone, granite, and marble. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Stone Stories in Rajasthan is a long-established Indian company that provides a variety of professional products and services relating to the marble, granite, and stone industries. For the past few years, the company has been creating beautiful commercial and residential designs from the finest quality marble and stone materials.


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