Creative Use of River Stones

Creative Use of River Stone

River stones are almost distinctive as snowflakes. They are ideal for lining riverbeds, establishing garden borders, and enhancing the general aesthetic of your yard. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes. These stones have a wide range of applications that you might not have thought of. Stone Stories have compiled a list of five various ways people can use river stones in their yards to give you some ideas.

  1. River Stone Planters: Transform common garden pots into artistic sculptures with texture. River stones should be glued to the pot’s bottom using a hot glue gun before working your way up to the open end at the top. Introduce the flowers to their new environment once the glue has dried. It could take some time to determine which rocks go where, but the effort is definitely worth it.


  1. Dry Stone River: Try creating a stone river if you have bare spots in your landscape that you don’t want to cover with plants. These are perfect for slopes that are going down since the stones will direct drainage through your yard and minimize dirt and mess.


  1. River Stone Tray: After a long day in the garden, are you sick of having your interior mats get dirty? Keep your boots or shoes for gardening on a separate tray. As a foundation, use a substantial rubber tray and secure the stones using a powerful adhesive, such as Quick Grip.

  1. River Stone Sculptures: It doesn’t happen very often that you get to pick the animals that will dwell in your garden, but these stone critters are safe and offer added appeal to any landscape. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you may attempt creating a mosaic instead of painting the stones to create turtles, ladybugs, and birds. Use acrylic paint only if you want a glossy appearance.

At Stone Stories, the decorative stones are durable, and decorative and can do wonders for your garden especially if you love landscaping or you have a pond or brook.

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