Best Way to Decorate your Home

The best way to decorate your home is with Stone stories natural stones for natural stone cladding. In modern constructions, stone cladding is a decorative surface, a thin façade of natural or artificial material, placed on top of the basic concrete layer. Stone-clad walls are lighter in weight than regular walls. Natural stones or stone-like materials such as veneer are commonly used in interior design

How stone cladding on a wall is applied?

There are two methods for applying stone cladding to walls. The first method is Direct Adhesion Installation, which is mostly used with natural stones. The stone cladding is typically applied to the walls using a cement mortar in this method. The Spot Bonding Installation method is the second. The wet adhesives used in this method cover only 10% of the surface area, allowing for gaps and air pockets between the cladding layer and the wall; as a result, the chances of water staining are reduced.

1. For An Urbane Look

In terms of final appearance, red brick wall cladding is versatile. A stone-clad wall in a modern home, particularly a bachelor pad, makes the space appear very urbane and sophisticated. A spare wall in the kitchen, such as the one shown here, can be transformed simply by applying cladding.

2. Stone Cladding for Dining Area

A common wall must blend in seamlessly with an open dining and living space. The light grey stone cladding adds a lovely soft texture to the wall and serves as a lovely backdrop for the cabinets, a backsplash for the counter, and a backdrop for the wall décor.

3. Stone Cladding for Bedroom

Do you want to improve the appearance of your bedroom? For bedroom walls, an interior stone wall cladding design works like a charm! The soft grey of the artificial wall cladding complements the neutral color scheme of the bedroom’s design and décor

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