Best Unisex business Card holder for office

A good Business card holder always puts a strong first impression. As a result, when performing the role of professional or business when meeting a new stakeholder or business partner, you must want to look your best.

Discover the best-chosen cardholders by Stone Stories for the ones who want to look more sophisticated and stylish while maintaining a good communication ethic with their vendor. We choose the best price, high-quality stones, and long-lasting cardholders, ranging from one design to the next, so you can simply compare and choose.


Snow white marble is used to create this designer natural stone business card holder. It will add a touch of class to your workplace desk and can accommodate up to 12 business cards.

Our artists have worked hard to create a beautiful marble rock. Because it is made of natural stone, there may be some difference in the stone, but that is what makes it truly unique.

This can also be used as a creative stand or a holder for a variety of other cards.

This designer natural stone business card holder is made out of Black Beauty marble rock.

It will make your office desk stand out elegantly. It can hold 10-12 business cards

The marble rock has been designed with passion by our artists. The size of the business card holder will be approx. 3-4″.

Since it is made out of natural stone, there may be a bit of variation in the stone and that’s the ultimate uniqueness of the stone.

Multi Use – This can also be used as an innovative stand or a holder for various other cards.

Who would say NO to such a lovely Card Holder that is Marble Carved in variety of shapes and designs.

These Holders are best for the ones who wants to still look best without having to spend much money on high-end products. These are bit different from the ones available in the market as they customized as per the requirement and marble craved specifically for the creative ones who doesn’t look for anything thats normal or common with people.

Impress clients and make your coworkers jealous with the amazing range of Marble Business card holders for your Working space. You can use them to store various of types of cards ranging from credits card, business and personal card to ID cards.

Shop from our different colors of Business card holders Business Card Holders Archives – Ajmera Marble Industries (

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